Sega Mega Drive Flashback HD

A collective of useful HowTos to unleash the full power of your Sega Mega Drive Flashback HD Device

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Quick usage instructions:

  • Create new namespaces (=topics) by typing in URL /NAMESPACE (i.e.
  • Create new Topic Pages by /NAMESPACE:PAGE (i.e.
  • You can extend this syntax for making submenu structures /NAMESPACE:TITLE1:PAGE1, /NAMESPACE:TITLE1:PAGE2
  • The name of the page in the left sidebar will be the first headline of your page
  • See here for details

File Uploads:

  • You can upload images by clicking the image symbol in the toolbar of the editor
  • You can upload files by clicking the link symbol and choose “internal media”. This opens the media manager for your current namespace.


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