PCB Main Specs (pics of different units):

  • CPU: Monkey King 3.6 (RockChip rk3036)
  • RAM: 2Gbit Hynx H5TQ2G63GFR
  • FLASH: 16/32 Gigabit (2/4 Gigabytes) Micron 29F16/32G08
  • USB Mini Female port [circled in red] (not powered - if you need to power it you need to feed 5v with the1-wire hardmod)
  • Wireless board Sega(C) E21013 170703 (gamepad wireless receiver)
  • HDMI output version 1.4a, HDCP revision 1.2
  • 5v power jack (non-USB)
  • “Recovery Key” button (next to the USB port; hold it while powering on to get into DFU mode for firmware flashing)
  • Original Mega Drive / Genesis input cartridge slot

Bottom side:i.imgur.com_ogdxx2j.jpg