USB Mini port

The USB port hidden inside the console case is a Mini female 5-pin port.

To connect this port to a PC (to use ADB, MTP or DFU) you need an regular USB-Mini male → USB-Type A male cable:
the best solution to save space/time (avoiding cutting the plastic case) will be a 90°-left-angled Mini cable like the following one:

To use this port with an USB OTG cable (to connect flash drives or other power-consuming USB devices) you need the 1-wire hardmod and an USB Mini OTG male → USB type A female, better if 90°-left-angled:

If you want to use only 1 cable (to avoid opening the console each time) to “switch” regular ← → OTG you need an USB Mini male → USB Mini female adapter to “bring out” the female port like the following one (better if 90°-left-angled):

DO NOT TRY to “transform” an OTG female port into a regular cable because you cannot; the reason is simple and it is in the following picture:
OTG cable has a short connection between Mini male pin 4 and pin 5 and Type A male has 4 pins only: so the only working solution is to “bring out” the 5-pin Mini female port with the previously described cable and connect whatever you want to it.