USB devices

When connecting the internal PCB Mini USB female port to a PC we can see the following devices:

VID:2207 PID:0011 - ADB /MTP: 2 peripherals/services with the same VID/PID, each one needs its own driver; those 2 modes are the ones you see when plugging-in the USB cable;

VID:2201 PID:301A - DFU-Mode (aka Download Mode or MaskROM mode): you can switch to DFU-Mode via software (RK Android Tool hitting the “Switch” button) or powering on the unit keeping pressed the small circular button on the PCB for few seconds: screen will always remain black in this mode). Another way to enter this mode is via ADB with the command “ adb shell reboot bootloader

VID:2207 PID:0006: is another ADB USB console ID when you enter Recovery mode using the command “ adb shell reboot recovery ”; no way to use ADB there because official Recovery does not contain any usable executable.

Each service needs its own driver so, to have all the device correctly configured, you need to install 3 drivers : ADB, MTP and DFU-Mode (the 2 ADBs use the same driver).