Generations Media Player

The Generations Media Player is a simple mp3 player coded to work with the Sega flashback console and it is operated with the wireless controller of the device. The device pulls all the mp3 files from the “mp3” folder on the root of the sd card and it sorts them in a list so a user can listen to them. There is a build that pulls the mp3's from the usb storage for those with usb mods. The application features a simple visualizer that changes color randomly every time the user enters the application. the controls are as follows:

A-Play or choose the mp3 from the list.

B-Stop the current mp3 track.

C-Exit the application.

Currently it is near release as it is not a complicated app and WD Gaster built it mostly for personal learning.

ETA 1/20/2018

Wallpaper shown below is just a “snapshot” and it is currently being used as a placeholder. not final*