Adding games to stock version

This tutorial will show you, how to add your own games to the Flashback HD device without mods or alternative software.

First you need to open the case.

You should follow the instructions carefully, because at some point you could brick your device. If you are not sure, please ask in the comment section.

On the curcuit board of the Flashback HD you see a Mini USB Port, connect your PC with this port with a Mini USB cable. After some seconds your PC will recognize a unit called “rk3036”, this is your Flashback HD.

Now you will need ADB to communicate with the Flashback HD, google it or get it here:

Open cmd, i.e. Win R → enter cmd → enter


adb devices

You should see your device in list.

First, copy the original games list to your PC

adb pull /system/atgames/all-games.ini

The file “all-games.ini” contains the meta data to the games installed on the device.

For easy editing copy the original file to the “/sdcard/Games” folder and create a link from the original path of “all-games.ini” to the sdcard file

adb push all-games.ini /sdcard/Games/

The original file is located in “/system”, which is not writeable as default. So you have to remount it with write permissions

adb shell mount -o rw,remount,rw /system

To be able to revert the Flashback HD back to stock settings, make a backup of the original file first

adb shell mv /system/atgames/all-games.ini /system/atgames/all-games.bak

Now create the link from “/system/atgames/all-games.ini” to “/sdcard/Games/all-games.ini”

adb shell ln -s /sdcard/Games/all-games.ini /system/atgames/all-games.ini

Thats it, remount “/system” to readonly again

adb shell mount -o ro,remount,ro /system

And you are done with the adb part.

The Flashback HD ist connected to your PC, so you see a new device called “rk3036”. Open it and navigate to the folder “Games”. This is, where your games will be copied to.
I would recommend to try it with one game first to be sure to understand, whats going on.

Note: the Flashback HD only runs games in .bin format.

Copy your .bin file into “Games”, rename it whatever you want and search for a nice cover (i.e. Google image Search). The cover has to be 214 x 300 pixels in size, in PNG format and must have the same name as the .bin file with .png extension.

So if your game file is called “abcd.bin”, your cover has to be named “abcd.bin.png”.

Now open the file “all-games.ini” in the “Games” folder. If you cannot save the file, just copy “all-games.ini” to your local harddisk, do editing and copy it back.
At the end of the text add


For example the entry for your game “abcd”

Description=Abcd game description bla bla

Save the file, copy it to your “Games” folder, restart the Flashback HD and find your newly added game somewhere in the main menu.

Murat test95.91.237.141, 2018/03/02 08:46

I accidently deleted my all-games.ini file. is there anything to download? or recover it? or is it completely broken now?

Adminsteckbecken, 2018/03/02 17:37

Hy, you can take mine:

But its for the german edition, maybe there are differences from yours

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