Restore backupped partitions

This procedure will restore the selected partitions into console flash memory; if you play with bootanimation, startup scripts and so on usually the only partition you need to restore is sytem.img (sometime together with data.img), in any case you can restore a SINGLE or ALL partitions back whenever you want. To be ABSOLUTELY safe NEVER restore/play with kpanic.img and uboot.img partitions;


You will need 2 tools:

1 - RK_Android_Tool_2.3.9
2 - RK Rom Dumper and Flasher for Windows

Download drivers_tools.rar
We need to use 2 tools because Rom_Dumper_Tool.exe is not able to put the console into USB-Download Mode while Android.Tool.exe can !

1 - Copy the following backupped partitions:

  • parameter (this file must be called “parameter”, without ANY extension at the end of the file name)
  • metadata.img (optional)
  • kpanic.img (optional)
  • system.img
  • userdata.img
  • user.img (optional)

inside \RK Rom Dumper and Flasher for Windows\Output\ folder;

2 - Connect the console to the USB (it will automatically power on) and make sure it is ADB-recognized (read here for more information);
3 - Now open “\RK_Android_Tool_2.3.9\AndroidTool.exe” and press the “Switch” button; this will reboot the console into USB-Download Mode;
4 - Close AndroidTool.exe and open “\RK Rom Dumper and Flasher for Windows\Rom_Dumper_Tool.exe”: you should read “Found one LOADER Device”;
5 - Now put a check to:
2 (parameter)
8 (metadata)
9 (kpanic)
10 (system)
12 (userdata)
13 (user)
and press “Run” button
6 - Wait at least 10 minutes and the console will reboot ! After flashing, If reboot will not happen, just unplug and re-plug the USB cable, the console will reboot normally.